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A bit about us

A digital agency based in the South of England, we strive to achieve the best possible results in everything we do; whatever your goal or project is, Kwik Group creates unique and modern digital solutions, driving innovation and helping your business grow.

We are all about creating immersive, creative and unique digital experiences...

We deliver and specialise in a range of services, each delivered with the same enthusiasm and quality. Our company is all about being proud of the work we produce, and helping our clients achieve greatness. We love everything we create, and hope you will too...

Your brand is the hub of your online presence, representing your values, projecting your personality and creating a pillar of trust. At Kwik Group, we understand how important it is to get a brand right.

From the development of a full company brand, brand refreshes and updates, we aim to work with you to give your business the ideal look.

Previous projects included: brand identity creation, brand redesign, online identity design, brand guideline update.
We design and develop bespoke websites, while delivering outstanding user experiences. Each website is creative and unique, delivering on your initial designs or thoughts. We take into account how your website will perform online, and all our websites are responsive, modern and built using the latest technologies.

HTML, Wordpress, Shopify, Drupal... we are skilled in a range of platforms, and will be able to develop a custom solution to fit your exact needs. Whether you need a brand new website, a redesign or just a few edits, our team can help you achieve your digital dreams.

Previous projects included: shopping platform, web redesign, bidding website, mobile-friendly redesign, web design, web development.
Content in the digital age is what drives your business: it builds your visibility online, creating connections and engaging your audience.

We help you plan, create and launch new content, developing a long-term strategy to allow you to communicate with your audiences and establish your business online.

Previous projects included: photography, video, illustration & infographics, content strategy, management of content production.
We specialise in a range of platforms, offering a range of short and long-term services, ultimately providing a way for businesses to achieve their digital marketing targets, reaching out to new audiences and increasing your online presence.

We have previously worked with local and international clients, running a range of campaigns, using both organic and ad marketing techniques. Our team is trained in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram advertising, as well as range of social media skills.

Previous projects included: Facebook advertising, Twitter advertising, social media management, content creation, content marketing, influencer marketing & strategy
From paid media services, to SEO and SEV optimisation, we create a rich and sustainable online visibility strategy, balancing our algorithm expertise, audience targeting, content and brand strategy with our team’s digital magic.

Beginning with site audits, and competitor analysis, ending with an organic growth in the performance of your website, we have a proven track record delivering on our promises, helping your business grow and develop.

Previous projects included: site audits, SEO content, digital marketing outreach, visibility performance report.
Want to chat about your project? Not sure what to do next? We are here to help and guide you through any questions you may have.

We are most likely going to help and advise you without upfront charge, so send us a message using the contact page, and we will get in touch within 48 hours.

We have helped restaurants, start-ups and schools set up their online presence and internal systems through our digital consulting service. From on site work, to reports, Kwik Group can help you grow your business.

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